Case Study

Nike understands the importance of keeping the retail experience fresh and vital to their customers on an ongoing basis. Searching for new ways to keep customers engaged while keeping costs down, the Nike team looked to Ross Display to provide a solution for regular store remodels that wouldn’t interrupt the flow of everyday business.

The first step in any project is understanding the needs and expectations of the people we’re working with, from store managers to sales clerks, to subcontractors and designers. We understand that it’s not just about a product showing up on time, success requires flexibility, adaptation, and an agile process that allows us to accommodate the unique DNA of every client. A successful approach on this project required us to complete work in the store’s off hours – being sensitive to the fact that we are working while the store is still operating meant understanding that a customer is going to be there an hour after our own day’s work was finished.

Working with Nike’s design team we developed an elegant solution for continuously reinvigorating the brand through small remodels to different sections of the store. This unique approach meant huge savings for Nike, as they were able to avoid costly and extensive rebuilds while at the same time keeping stores open. Regular small remodels also mean that customers always have new things to experience and new opportunities to engage with the brand.


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