Case Study

As one of the world’s largest department store brands, Macy’s understands the importance of the retail environment in successfully connecting consumers and products. Needing over two million square feet of custom millwork delivered to department stores, Macy’s sought a partner with the experience, dedication, and attention to detail required to successfully outfit these diverse interior spaces. They looked to Ross Display because our agility, depth of experience, and general construction capabilities mean we are able to adapt our process to meet the needs of each unique environment.

Starting with the design intent, we begin the process of evaluating and aligning scope of work, engineering solutions, reviewing samples, manufacturing pieces, and overseeing their installation. At each step of the way, there is an enormous potential for failure, as old buildings and obscure building codes need to be understood, planned for, and accommodated. With an exceptional staff and 60 years of experience under out belts, Ross Display has been a trusted partner, proving that we are able to deliver a quality product, on time, and on budget. And we never forget that learning happens along the way. Since we are partners, not suppliers, we are able to offer ideas for reducing cost or increasing the longevity of products so future projects can enjoy even greater success.